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Dr Gordon Lim

About Gordon Lim Clinic & Surgery for Women

At Gordon Lim Clinic & Surgery for Women, we take pride in taking care of women’s health and their well being.

Our philosophy is to provide quality and high standards of obstetrics and gynaecological services to our patients through advanced medical technology and facilities.

Our medical services are grouped mainly in three areas: 1) Pregnancy (Obstetrics), 2) Women’s Health (Gynaecology) and 3) Health Screening.

Doctor Gordon Lim is our clinic’s gynaecologist and obstetrician. Find out more about Dr Gordon Lim’s profile.

Gordon Lim Clinic & Surgery for Women

Gordon Lim Clinic & Surgery for Women

Address: 6 Napier Road #10-07 Gleneagles Medical Centre
Singapore 258499

Clinic Hours:
Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm
Saturday – 9am to 2pm

Contact Details: Tel: 6472 9988 | Fax: 6471 2538

Email Address (General Enquiries): contact@gynegordon.com.sg

For Media Enquiries: media@gynegordon.com.sg

Emergency Number (24 hr) : 6333 5550

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